Double Jeopardy

Do you like both 8-Ball & 9-Ball?

Do you want to play them both –

on the same night?


   In Double Jeopardy:

      Play both formats in one night
      Everyone gets to play
      No one has to sit out (assuming rosters are the same)
     Get qualified for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball


   5-8 Players Per Team

Create your own team by gathering your friends, family and co-workers!


The Equalizer ® Handicap System

Playing at a skill level keeps the fun in the game. All Players, regardless of ability, can compete on a fun and fair playing field.

  Have Fun. Meet People. Play Pool.

Make this your night out. Get Together with friends, family, and co-workers and enjoy their company while playing pool. Or join an existing team and make new friends!

           You can join any of these divisions...

...or to start a division in your local city, contact us TODAY!


Double Jeopardy Divisions (8-Ball & 9-Ball)

Division #

Day / Time

Area Served

 (including surrounding locations)

021 - 921


7:00 PM

Dyer / Lynwood / So. Chicago Heights / Park Forest / Crete

055 - 955


7:00 PM

Griffith (Griffith Billiards)