Each team in a division that does not make the playoff round is eligible for the Wild Card Draw.The team that gets picked in the draw will be in the playoffs. 
As stated in the Manual, teams that forfeit more than 5 matches during the session or are past due in league fees may be ineligible; however, an exception to this rule is when a team forfeits a match due to their skill levels forcing them to utilize the 19-Rule.

Also, teams that forfeit any points the last night of play may lose eligibility for the WILD CARD draw or Playoffs.


Wild Card Draw
Session 2

 The Wild Card Draws will be held:
ALL Divisions: Sat. Jan. 11, 2020 at Bap's Tap @ 7:00pm
The APA App will be updated shortly after the draw.  SUNDAY TEAMS:  Your playoff matches will be held the next day (Sunday, Jan. 12 @ 5pm).  Please check the APP and FB to see if your team is in playoffs.


 Wild Card Results 
Wild Card results will be posted after each Wild Card Draw.
You can view the teams in playoffs by clicking SCHEDULES on the left menu or by clicking HERE
Reminder: Players must have at least six matches played with the team in Session 3 in order for them to be eligible to play in Session 3 playoffs.  New players must have 10 lifetime matches in Session 3 in order to be eligible to play in Citywide (Session 3 includes playoffs, Tri-Cups and Cash Cups).