The BIG DAWG Award


The Big Dawg Award recognizes the 8-BALL & 9-BALL team that has earned the most points compared to other teams in all divisions in each format throughout the entire league for each session.


In the event of a tie, the team that was ahead in the previous week’s standings would be declared the winner, and if still tied, then whoever was ahead the previous week, and so on. Those teammates that have played the 6 minimum matches required with that team would receive a Big Dawg award and a Big Dawg team shirt. Also, a plaque will be presented to the Host Location. The Big Dawg Team receives an automatic bid into the Citywide Tournament, thus they do not need to participate in Playoffs or Tri-Cups. The team must place in the top half of their division in subsequent sessions or the team is subject to lose its Citywide eligibility.


 Note: To be eligible for the Big Dawg award, the team must consist of at least 5 players with each player having played a minimum of 10 matches prior to the start of the session (established team).

 Teams that participate in divisions with 5 or less teams are not eligible for this award.

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