Puzzle #1 Answers and Winners

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

UPDATE 3/24/20 5:30PM

We drew a winner from the March 23 Puzzle #1. We had 13 eligible players. On Facebook Live, Gloria racked a set of balls and Johnny broke. Whichever ball or balls went in, that determined who won a coupon for a free night of play (each eligible player was assigned a number between 1 and 13).


After several tries, Johnny finally sunk two balls on the break. The winners were Adam LaGraff and Jose Garza Jr. Each will receive an $8 coupon for free play!

We had 17 submissions to our Crossword Puzzle #1 yesterday!
We will do a Facebook Live at 5pm today on Illiana APA Facebook.  We will pick a winner for the free night of pool (value $8).  We will also post the winner in this article after the drawing.
Stay Strong and Healthy!
Johnny & Gloria